Thursday, 30 August 2012

Work Time OOTD!

For my outfit of the day, i decided to dress very simple and clean cut. Because I was going off to work, I wanted something dressy, yet something that looked simple. 

I went with my white sleeveless peplum top I bought from TOPSHOP for 49 in Ireland which is about $64 Canadian. It is quite expensive, but it's such a well made product. It has a white lace detailed collar with shiny black, white and clear rhinestones. The neckline is quite high, which makes it a very classic piece. I just love it! The bodice is very fitted, and honestly, makes my boobs look bigger than they actually are (aha, oops too much info!).
White sleeveless peplum top from Topshop
Anyways, for pants, I'm wearing black dress pant leggings from the brand ATTITUDE by Jay Manuel I bought from Sears for $49.99 last winter. The pants have fake front and back pocket stitching, which makes them look less like leggings and more like pants. They are also quite thick, especially for this time of year in Canada, but the place I work is so cold inside that I do have to wrap up a bit.

For my nail colour, I'm still wearing the same orange colour from the last OOTD called Boozy Bruch (102) by L'OREAL. And for jewelry, I decided to go very, very, very minimal and only wear my everyday silver celtic ring I bought from one of my Irish dancing competitions last year. I didn't want to wear any other jewelry because it would over do the look due to the fact that the peplum top was already such a statement piece.

My make up was done like I do it everyday, very subtle. 
I left my hair hang lose and dry naturally straight, parting it in the middle, as usual. 

Now, I feel I'm decent enough to go out in public. Ready for another day at the work place! 

TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!

-Aine Lasagna


Sunday, 26 August 2012

Hight-Low Skirt

Every fashion-loving girl loves a flowy skirt, right? Well, my friend asked me to sew her a high-low skirt for her up coming birthday, and being the generous friend that I am, I did! It was tons of fun to make, just as much fun to wear.

First of all, I created the underskirt leaving a good inch of seem allowance at the bottom, and 2 and a half at the top. It's made of a black stretchy knit material that is the perfect thickness to allow for movement, but doesn't ride up while you move ;). I had to remember to cut the fabric so that the stretchy components are running horizontally. I've already made that mistake before. I finished off the bottom hem and left the top part of the skirt unfinished so i can sew on the lighter material later.

Black knit skirt
The flowy material of the skirt is quite sheer, and honesty a pain to sew, but it's so light and cold to the touch, it makes it perfect for hot summer days. The material is an off white and has black pattern detailing consisting of swallows in flight, clusters of stars, and bunches of flowers.

I used four (4) panels of the sheer material; the front, two sides and the back. Of course, the front is much shorter then the back, while the sides were used as transition pieces, allowing for a better flow from the front to the back. I did this to allow for funcional movement in the skirt, and so it doesn't seem to tight or constricting while walking. Another mistake that I've made in the past. Then, I finished off the edges around the bottom of the material. I sewed the top edge of the sheer material to the black skirt and added an elastic in the back. To finish it off, I folded the 2 and a half seem allowance of the black skirt overtop of the white, making sure to tuck in the raw edges and that the pleating around the waistband was evenly distributed. And TADA!!

The finished high-low skirt
*It reaches about 3 inches above my knee and about mid-calf down the back. *

Front view of skirt
Side view of skirt
 *At this view, you can see the 3 panels, from the back to the front. I lay out all the pieces side by side before sewing it together in order to make a straight, consistant line through all the panels. *

Back view of Skirt
*An elastic was sewn on in the inside of the waistband on the back. It goes from edge to edge of the back panel. *

I really did enjoy making this, and hopefully my friend will appreciate all my hard work that was put into this skirt. BTW, shhhh! And don't let her know!

Also, I will be making a skirt for myself later on with the same materials, but it's going to be a maxi skirt instead of a high-low skirt! So excited to get it started! Wish me luck!

-Aine Lasagna


PS. All fabrics were purchased with my own money at FabricLand :)

Friday, 24 August 2012


Just like any teenage girl, I've had my fair share of One Direction fangirling. I'm not going to lie, I love these boys and support everything they're doing and going for in their lives. Honestly, I was one of those people who thought they were so overrated near the beginning of their career, but I then realized that they're just trying to make the most out of what they love doing the best; making music. I am so happy for their accomplishments through all the struggles they've faced.

Through their individual auditions for X-Factor, bootcamp and then the final formation of their boy band, winning third in the 2010 X-Factor, to their first recorded song together, Forever Young, and the making of their first album, Up All Night, they have been supported throughout with their "dedicated" fans.

I, myself, have been to one of their concerts so far during their UAN tour in Canada. I remember the exact day because it took place on my 17th birthday in the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto. My friend and I went together and it was such a great experience! I would defiantly recommend hearing these boys live before you judge their voices! They all have amazing talent and it really shows though their live performances.

One Direction Concert on May 31, 2012

What Makes You Beautiful
has been like my summer go-to song this year because of it's upbeat melody and catchy lyrics that never seem to leave my head once I hear it. Honestly, this song makes me so happy and even beautiful for the 3 minutes that it plays!

Now their coming out with their new album in November of this year, with their new single that will be released soon here in Canada called Live While We're Young. I know it can be preordered over in the UK at this time, but it doesn't come to Canada until October :( I guess I will have to wait until then to finally listen to it.

Anyways, I am so proud of these boys and how much their have impacted the music industry today! Like, I mean, they performed at the 2012 London Olympic closing ceremony! Wow! They've gone so far and are doing so much with their lives! And I support them 500% of the way (100% each)!

Can't wait for their 2013 concert next July! See you there boys!

-Aine Lasagna


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First OOTD!

I didn't know what to post to start off new fashion blog, so I decided to show what I'm wearing today. At least I can start showing off my style. :)

This is my outfit of the day. I decided to go very simple look because I've been cleaning the house and doing laundry all day. It's still fairly hot in Canada, considering that it's still summer, so I didn't want to wrap up too much.

My shirt is a button down long sleeve that was use to be my grandfathers pajama top. And yes, I did say PAJAMA top. It's an off white colour and the pattern consists of palm trees and elephants. It's quite a light and flowy, which is great to dress up the harsher material of my denim shorts and plain white spaghetti strap! 

These denim shorts are from the GAP. Yes, they are high waisted, so they are a classic fashion staple piece that every girls should have in their wardrobe. They are a hand-me-down from my mum from years ago, so I'm not sure of the pricing or if the GAP has these anymore. Sorry.

As for my belt, is a camel coloured leather belt that is also a hand-me-down from my mum. Sorry. Again. But I do know she got it in Turkey about 20 years ago for only a few dollars! Great deal, huh?!

Anyways, for jewelry, I'm wearing a gold tone birdy necklace from H&M I bought a few months ago for just under $7, as well as a silver SWISS ARMY watch I recieved last Christmas. I know, you shouldn't mix your golds and silvers, but hey, rules are ment to be broken :)

My hair is up in a high pony tail, while my shorter pieces of hair around my face and the crown of my head hang loose just because they want to be difficult. hehe

My nails are painted an orange colour, by L'OREAL called Boozy Brunch (#102) that I bought from Walmart for only a few dollars. I decided to be fancy and put a top coat that contain little flakes on top of the orange; by CHINA GLAZE called Luxe and Lush from the Hunger Games collection (yes, I'm huge a Hunger Games fan).

Hopefully my first outfit of the day wasn't too horrible, but it's a start. Thankyou if you read, and I'm glad if you liked :)

-Aine Lasagna


Thursday, 23 August 2012

Hello Hello! And Welcome to my Blog!

I guess and introduction is in order here. My name is Aine O'Neill. I am half Chinese and half Irish (aka Ch-irish) but I do live in Canada. I do get called Aine Lasagna (if you didn't know, Aine is pronounced On-ya) quite a lot because it rhymes . Henceforth (wow, i sound quite cultured), my blog URL is appropriately named after my childhood nickname "Aine Lasagna".

As for my blog title, I created the name from something very personal to me. Lambs are such peaceful creatures with such a powerful meaning that goes along with their existence. Their innocence and doe like qualities do remind me of myself because of my shy personality. There are so many characteristics that are associated with lambs that on a personal level, are kept quite close to my heart.

Furthermore, hopefully this blog will be as successful as I want it to be, even though this is my very first post! This blog will consist of fashion, beauty and all things girly! I will blog some of my favourite fashion trends, nail art, music, shopping trips and even some sewing projects that I have been up to lately! I will try to keep up to date and blog away to my hearts desire!

One day I will look back and see this post and think of how worried I was to create a blog, let alone to make my first post, but I have to start off some how. Even though I really don't know what I am doing (ahah), or even know how to work this blog, I will manage to create something that will satisfy my girly needs and share my passion for fashion! <3


TTFN! Ta Ta For Now (from the wise words of Tiger)!

-Aine Lasagna